Event Policies & Restrictions

A Little Reminder about our Rental Policies and Restrictions

  • Outdoor amplified music is limited to the hours of 10am – 10pm.
  • Use of candles is restricted. Only candles contained within glass are permitted. (Lanterns are NOT contained and leak so they are discouraged unless extra precautions are taken.)
  • The Lodge at Cathedral Pines does not allow birdseed, confetti, silly string or rice to be thrown or used in the building or parking lot areas.  Bubbles and fresh flower petals may be used outside only.  There is a fixed charge of $200.00 for any violation.
  • No decorations or other items may be tacked, nailed, stapled, taped or affixed in any way to the walls, pillars, beams or any other surface of the facility, inside or out.
  • The Lodge at Cathedral Pines does not allow decorations of any sort or anything else to be hung from the cross beams of the ceiling. 
  • The renter is responsible for their caterer/vendor actions and abiding by Cathedral Pines Policies and rental time period. The catering kitchen should be left in the same state it was found.
  • Smoking: The Community Center is Smoke Free.  All cigarettes must be properly disposed of in designated containers outdoors that are to be provided by the Renter.
  • The back offices of the Lodge at Cathedral Pines are used as a Sales Center and may be in use on the day of your event. Due to the use of these offices as a sales center, when using this portion of the building, renters may only use the designated preparation room.